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We combine innovative design, planning and flawless execution to create a unique and one of a kind end product. A great deal of our success is a direct result of the strong relationships we develop with each client, ensuring details are never missed and that jobs run smoothly from start to finish – on time, on budget.

From the ground up, The Brooklin Group delivers excellence with creativity, craftsmanship and consideration for the environment.

Design & Consultation

Everyone can “design”, but not everyone’s a designer. Your landscape design & build project is an investment, which has to be done right. It all begins with a good plan and a good design idea. We help bring your ideas to life, while tossing in a few of our own too. With our experience, professional accreditation, and eye for luxurious aesthetic and detail, we can help you translate the vision into a complete working technical plan.

Pools & Water Features

As part of the core group of elements, water features are usually the icing on the gourmet landscape cake. A well-designed water feature can truly enhance the entire aesthetic and value of your property dramatically. Our designers have had the opportunity to create stunning landscapes with a range of pools and water features.If you want wet, we can work it into the design,flawlessly.

Planting & Horticulture

If someone with the knack for gardening and horticulture has a “green thumb”, you could say that we’re green from head to toe. The attention and detail we put into our landscape designs is second only to the attention and care we put into planting and creating your landscape environment. Plants and trees, as resilient and amazing as they are, still need to be properly set in order to live a full life. It’s not just about what you paint, but how you apply that paint to the canvas is just as important.


Custom stonework or “Hardscapes” often help create the framework of the garden landscape by defining traffic patterns, creating physical structures and useable living spaces outside of your home. Our custom stonework is installed with a clean aggregate base, properly compacted, levelled, and graded. Two sided walls, retaining walls, stone fireplaces, patios, walkways and structures for water features – there isn’t anything that we can’t do. No job is too big. In fact, we prefer a challenge. We will even design drainage systems for situations that may involve water problems. Need a castle? We’ll do it. Moat and all.

Site Grading & Excavation

A site assessment is integral to any project. As is formulating a well researched plan and materials & equipment list based on that assessment. This allows for a more accurate estimate of expenses and a more realistic projected time of completion. Site Grading is an important part of understanding what you’re working with and what the challenges may be. It sets the parameters for the project and in the same instance, gives opportunity to push those same boundaries. Performing the necessary excavation work to prepare a site is like setting the stage properly for a play’s production designers to come on and do their thing.

Carpentry & Woodwork

From patios that fill your living environment with the fresh scent of cedar to Brazilian hardwood structures with a strength that rivals concrete, there’s no project too demanding for our woodwork crew. Our master carpenter honed his craft deep in the forests of Quebec, creating custom luxury log homes and cabins. Expand your living space with custom-created wooden decks, fences, pergolas or pool houses forged in nature and built by The Brooklin Group.


With any living space, lighting is critical. This absolutely includes your outdoor spaces. The right landscape and outdoor garden lighting will take your investment to the next level. By highlighting unique architectural features of your building or home, as well as natural textures such as trees, ponds or shrubs, your outdoor spaces will find a second life beneath the moonlight. Landscape lighting services such as lighting steps and pathways will also offer a sense of security to you, your family and your guests.

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